My memoir has been born! “The Accidental Purpose”-see video trailer below


Video Trailer-


As we live our lives, many things can happen. Some are good and some not so good. Do you ever wonder why some unexpected or tragic event happened to you or others you love? Was it your fault? Was it theirs? Was it just a coincidence? Or bad karma? Or, maybe, was there was something larger at work behind the scenes that we might not have even been aware of?

I asked myself these very questions many, many times after my near-death in an auto accident in January 2012. I should not have lived, and yet I did. On that horrific night, driving and lost, my car spun out of control, and my car flipped into and down a 14-foot embankment off of an old, dark farm road. In the accident I broke my neck and one of my legs. Today, I am still unable to remember any of the details from the moment I dropped my cell phone, spun around and around, and flipped my car, until I awoke eleven days later in the hospital. The accident changed my life as I knew it.

Come join me as I share my story with you, as I reveal how it all unfolded so rapidly. I will discuss the many occasions when, even while in the hospital, I should have left this earth. But, something kept me here. Here, in these pages, I share with you some of the most private parts of my story. Some are frightening, and many can only best be explained as miraculous. Or were they miraculous? Were my survival and what happened to me and my life in the aftermath just good luck?

After you read The Accidental Purpose, I want you to draw your own conclusions. What was the reason for such a tragic event, and why was I kept here? Only you can decide for yourself. But, I know my own conclusion. I cannot wait to hear what all of you think the reason is for both my accident and my survival after reading this riveting story of struggle and continued perseverance.

Paperback: $17.95

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My Memior, “The Accidental Purpose” Has Been Born!

My book, “The Accidental Purpose “ by: Gina Quarles Now available!

My Memoir is here. This book is not just about my near death auto accident. It is about life and the challenges we all face. Many of us have dealt with a variety of life changing events. They can either bring you down or completely change you in ways you cannot imagine. This book is for all of us. I speak about my childhood. I speak about marriage. I go into a divorce from a marriage of thirteen years and two children to suddenly becoming a single mom. I speak raw honesty of rebuilding after my divorce to then remarrying and trying to blend a family. It is in the book that I share some of the most intimate details of reclaiming my life, identity and recovering from that accident that changed life as I knew it upside down. We all have losses of some form. But, we do not ever have to let them remain. I share on how I dealt with these very real issues we can all relate to. I found and reclaimed my life again. You just never know what can happens when an interruption occurs. But we do know that we can choose how we will respond. Please see my book and I hope you find some valuable tools that you too can use to make your journey a happier, and more fulfilling one while you are here!



Get your copy here:




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This Young Lady Is Pushing “Girls Above Society”-Meet Lauren Galley

Girls Above Society”- Please Visit:

A Non-Profit Organization driven by Lauren Galley, President with a mission to empower

Tween & Teen Girls with Confidence and Girl Power enabling them

to be leaders of their Generation.


GIRLS ABOVE SOCIETY is a 501C3 organization founded by Lauren Marie Galley, an 19 year old actress/model and college honors student. This organization provides mentorship and awareness to teen girls facing the pressures of today’s society. GAS is the home of “Girl Talk”, a signature program lead by Lauren that builds the confidence and leadership every young girl needs to become an excellent role model in their community.

As a voice to young teen girls, Lauren travels throughout the U.S. giving her signature “Girl Talks” empowering young girls to be confident leaders of their generation. Lauren reaches across the globe by hosting her own show “The Lauren Galley Show” on CETV (Confident & Empowerment TV) and has been featured on Fox News, Teen Vogue, Best Ever You Radio, and Talented Teens broadcast in the U.K. Her writing has appeared in numerous publications throughout the U.S. such as Huffington Post, International Talent Magazine, Talented Teens, Michelle Phillips Mind & Beauty and Babble, covering the issues and pressures young teens are facing in today’s society. Lauren has recently been named Youth Advocate for Free2Luv giving her a platform in her Free2BeYOU Series, as well as Teen Commentator for Houston Family Magazine, Chief Teen Advisor for the Best Ever You Network and Teen Blogger for Huffington Post.

Lauren’s latest film opportunities include a co-star role as Sparx McCoy along with Matt Lavine as Matt Mercury in “Matt Mercury – Plot of the Galactic Mastermind” directed by Bill Hughes of Big Tex Movin Picture Company, and “Making of a Serial Killer” directed by Russ Miller of Cynsings Studios, both to be released 2013-2014. Lauren has been seen on ABC Family’s “The Lying Game”, and NBC’s “CHASE” as well as National Commercials such as Fox Sports and Jarritos. Modeling for boutiques, charity fashion shows, and catalogue print work lets the world see the confidence, beauty, and intelligence attached to a contagious smile that warms everyone she meets. Helping teens feel good about themselves and empowering them to mentor their peers about the importance of self-acceptance holds the promise of improved lives for teens everywhere.

Lauren lives in Houston, Texas where she attends Lone Star College studying Psychology. Lauren is a member of Phi Theta Kappa and Student Activities Board. She holds officer positions in the Honors Program and Psychology Club. Her latest scholastic honor ~ Student Excellence Award for Service 2013

The Book! 

 Get The Book!!! 
Girls Above Society”- Please Visit:


Girl Power for Tween & Teen Girls around the World

A guide for young girls as they face the ever growing pressures of today’s social media driven society.

Girls Above Society, based in Spring, Texas, announced today — in collaboration with Mila Publishing Sarl — the release of Lauren Galley’s first book, “Steps to Success: An Empowerment Guide

Girls Above Society”- Please Visit:
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Let’s All Put A Stop To Human Trafficking-A21 With Christine Caine

Hello Friends,

As most of you know I am an abolitionist for the Key to Free A21 Campaign and involved with the fight against human trafficking.  I encourage you to read more about this widespread problem.  It is not only in other countries, it is here as well in the United States.  The more we educate and spread awareness the less likely the innocent, confused, broken and the very desperate  will be lured into this heinous crime.



Trouble reading this email? Read it online! Forward to a friend | Unsubscribe
Hey Abolitionist,KEY2FREE is officially only one week away!There is so much anticipation, momentum, and excitement building as stories are beginning to pour in from people around the globe who are planning to join us in the fight for freedom on October 18th. Because you have played a significant role through supporting A21 in the past, we wanted to send you this exclusive update with everything you need to be a part of the solution.If you haven’t had a chance to join KEY2FREE on Facebook and invite your friends, here is your chance! Let’s really get the word out about KEY2FREE so more people can become aware of human trafficking so they too can help stop it. We have also created KEY2FREE Resources you can print or post online.Would you like to host a KEY2FREE event? If so, you can download an event pack here.Be sure to also watch and share the new KEY2FREE video that was just released this week! Please feel free to email with any questions, ideas, or to share your KEY2FREE stories. Our team would love to hear from you!We are so thankful for your support and we appreciate you. Together we can make a difference.For justice,The A21 Campaign

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Hope & Strength United For All-Meet Tim Toy- “Ellen’s Story”, & “Jamie’s Story”

Every now and then you meet someone or an organization that captures you heart and soul. I met Tim on Twitter. I visited his sights. What I saw was such a loving support system. I love knowing that real  people are making a huge difference in some in need’s life.

When you receive unfortunate new regarding a loved ones diagnosis, it can change you life in a  matter of seconds. My father passed after my sister and I were informed he had stomach cancer. It takes a village of loving souls to come together in a way to help someone along their new journey. It affects the whole family including the one who has a disease. Tim did what I did after my near dear auto accident, he wrote. It has helped him sort out his feelings and appears to have been a therapeutic outlet. This outlet has turned out to be a success story. Please read Tim Toy and his story. Visit his blogs, and website. Not only will you be inspired, but notice how someone and all of us can create something beautiful out of a trial.

My name is Tim Toy.  I have two blogs detailing the journey that my wife Ellen and I have been on. Ellen is the Head Volleyball Coach at Kiski Area High School, about 40 minutes northeast of Pittsburgh, PA.  Four years ago, on a bus ride to the final match of the season, Ellen got a phone call that would change our lives forever.  Ellen’s gastric doctor informed her she had gastric cancer.  Fortunately for her, in the seat next to her was Asst. Coach Jaime Vick, two time survivor of ALL leukemia.  Jaime became Ellen’s support, literally as soon as she hung up her cell phone.  Not six months later, Jaime relapsed. originally started out as an informational site about our event, Jam the Gym for Jaime.  Jaime Vick Moran was Ellen’s Assistant Coach, and she was suffering through her third battle with ALL leukemia.  Jam the Gym became a yearly event, and to drum up interest in it, I would write short stories, about Ellen and Jaime, hoping to strike a cord with our community.  It must have worked, this year will be Jam the Gym 5, and to date we have raised over $30,000, going to a variety of charities, most recently The Jaime Vick Moran Scholarship.
You might say, why do you need two blogs?  Well, I never thought about writing, until I had all this emotion built up inside, and it needed to get out.
As time progressed, the stories became more about me exercising the demons in my head and heart.  So much has happened.  It has been a good outlet, but it is scattered and unorganized.  Thus the need to start over at where I hope to tell the story of our incredible journey to here.
I have written a half a dozen “chapters” there.  I add one weekly.
Truth is, I haven’t been sleeping well.  I need to get this out of me.  I’m hoping This does the trick…
Please read these stories with this in mind, everyone in these tales are HERO’S to me.  Jaime, Ellen, and all the players and coaches who have put their hearts in harms way to be a part of it all.
I hope you find them as empowering as do I.  We are all on this journey together, and we really do need each other.


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How We Can All Save Lives…with Randy Lacey

As most of you know and  to all of those who do not, using my cell phone while driving almost stole my life. Meet Randy Lacey, who is trying to save lives. We all see adults as well as young adults doing this all of the time. I cannot stress enough how NOT doing this can saves lives. I just so happened to be blessed to be spared. However, as you will see many are not. After you read this I hope you will share it with everyone who drives and owns a cell phone. You could make a huge difference by sharing this important information. You could save a life as well. Please see this project of awareness that Randy Lacey is making available for all of us and our loved ones.

The producers of the Indie film, txt me need your help to bring this timely motion picture to the screen. We can’t do it without you, and if you know of anyone, anyone at all that’s evertxtdrvn, you know exactly how dangerous it is.  

Thousands of innocent people are killed or maimed each year in the US, devastating families and loved ones. This madness has to STOP! Period! We feel so strongly about this, that our award winning writer/director, Max Myers and his producing partner, Randy Lacey, created the script. However, we decided not to shoot it as a documentary, but as an action/thriller, aimed at teens and adults. That’s right; as many adults as teens txtdrv. Didn’t know that? It’s a fact. As much as 75% of all teens and adults either txtdrv when they’re behind the wheel, or as a passenger, distracting the driver. People txtwlk across pedestrian walkways, or on sidewalks, in malls, txt during class, doing homework, at their job, or a myriad of daily routines.   

The story of the film, txt me, is so powerful, that it can save lives by convincing the viewer to STOP! Think! Don’t do it! Be responsible! We need your money to help us stop this insanity. Film is one of the most powerful mediums available and with a global outreach, we can all come together and make this happen. Even if it’s only one person, that’s one less that didn’t die needlessly, or maim or kill some innocent person.   

We have an amazing casting director, Shannon Makhanian, who has cast over 90 Indie films, many of which you’ve most likely seen. She’s worked with some of the biggest names in the business, some of whom have expressed a strong interest in performing in the film.  

Eddie Perez, is our stunt coordinator. He’s designed and directed action for some of the greatest action films in the last decade. Check out his reel above. 

Music is from J.D. Fortune, the former lead singer with INXS. A close friend of Max’s, he’ll also be  performing in the film. 

Max’s writer/director reel is also above for you to check out. He’s written for over 22 companies, is an award winning filmmaker and completely committed to stopping the madness of txtdrvng.

However, the truth is that no one works for free. Yes, we’ve kept the budget low, but we still need your help to make it happen. Please help us protect people from the insanity oftxtdrvng. You never know, the life you’re saving, could be your own or someone you love.

This film is endorsed for saving lives by a world renowned PH.D AND OPERATION VETERANS PROMISE. we will shoot this film soon in the world famous KEY WEST FLORIDA. contact MR LACEY by email at THEMOVIETEXTME#GMAIL.COM  or RANDYLACEY@ROCKETMAIL.COM  thank you.
The world needs heroes; for without them we are lost and desperate.
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“The Accidental Purpose” coming soon! By: Gina Quarles

As we live our lives many of things can happen. Some are good and some not so good. Do you ever wonder why something unexpected or tragic happened to you or others you love? Was it was your fault? Was it theirs? Was it just a coincidence? Or bad karma? Or maybe, there was something larger that we may not even aware of at work behind the scenes?

I asked myself these very questions after my near death auto accident back in Jan 2012 many, many times. I should not have lived and I did. Come join me, as I share my story with you, as I reveal how it all unfolded so rapidly. I will discuss the many occasions even while in the hospital, I should have left this earth. But, something kept me here.

This accident has changed my life as I knew it ever since that horrific night my car spun out of control. I flipped into and down a 14ft embankment off of an old dark farm road. I had gotten lost. I broke my neck and one of my legs. Today, I still am unable to remember any details from the moment when I dropped my phone, spun round and round and flipped my car, until I woke up eleven days later in hospital.

One year later, I share with some of the most private parts of my story. Some are frightening and many can only best be explained as miraculous. Or was it? Maybe it was just good luck? But after you read my book, “The Accidental Purpose” I want you to draw your own conclusion.

What was the reason for such a tragic event and why was I kept here? Only you can decide for yourself. But, I know my conclusion. I cannot wait to hear what all of you think the reason was after reading this riveting story of struggle and continual perseverance.

Please click here if you would like to join my Facebook Club or a glimpse of the temporary Cover and stay up to date on the release this month!!!

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A Must Re-Post on “Getting to Your 1 Thing” Life Lessons -with Phil Cooke’s Book



Since my accident in January, I am still in the process of recovering.  Though this has been the longest nine months of recovery I have ever known, it has presented me with so many opportunities as well. In the first few months when I was unable to transition from the bed to the wheel chair unassisted (heavy halo on as well), most of my time was spent in the hospital bed we had at home thinking, sleeping and reading.

I am not much of a television person as many of you know, so I had more than my fair share of time to read plenty of  books.  One of the most interesting reads that I have read was Phil Cooke’s ,”One B1G Thing”.  The title intrigued me, but it was the content of the book that was truly the gem.  The theme of the book is so much more than what the title says. While in smaller print it also reads,”Discovering What You Born to Do”, it actually goes beyond that idea and digs even further.

“One B1G Thing”, has you seriously looking deeply within, while truly facing yourself.  It deals with admitting your weaknesses along with focusing on your strengths.  You must be willing to be brutally honest with yourself if you wish to get to the essence behind your “One B1G Thing“.

This is exactly what I have been reflecting on all along before and after I obtained this insightful read. My accident presented me with one of the ideas that the books mentions.  In Chapter Six, “The Power of Values”, the sentence that read,”Your power to choose is remarkable.  Your ability to change your life is directly connected to your ability to make choices and to take responsibility for those choices. In other words, your daily decisions determine your destiny”, definitely struck a nerve in me. I immediately found the book resonating deeply within myself.

The book can relate to so many areas of our lives.  It is related to our career choices, our relationships, our hobbies, our education, our personal goals and even more so, it encompasses everything as part of one whole. You can use the content given in this book to guide every area of your life.  Even mine!  After facing a near death auto accident and life being suddenly turned upside down and inside out, it has helped me to better hone in on what is of true value to me. What is my new identity? What will those choices look like? Will I let this accident define me? Or will I let it propel me into more than I was before in a unique way? Of course many things that I thought were so important before the accident are no longer on the radar and others have become even more clear.

I highly recommend this book regardless of what season you are facing at this time in your life. It could be paving a new career path, changing majors, trying to launch a new business, going though a divorce, pursuing a dream, recreating your life or even being given a second shot at it. Although, I hope no one has to endure what I did.  The book  definitely applies to all of the ideas I have mentioned.  I found a nice amount of good psychology as well! Yes, I am a shrink at heart and love human behavior:). It also contains a good bit of self reflection and a nice amount of soul searching.

You can check it out for yourself and grab a copy.  I know this will be a keeper and one I will read at least a few more times:).

Click here for more on Phil Cooke’s, “One B1G Thing“.







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Where Are You Running To? by: Gina Quarles

gina (3)

Are you a person that struggles with too many things thrown at you all at once? Do you feel overwhelmed? Are you tired? I know I can be. It is happening all of a sudden even more now. We are allowed to slow down. If you think about it, not everything we are dealing with is an emergency. Society can put so many unnecessary pressures on us and we without even realizing it, allow it to happen. It sucks us in faster than we even realize. We wonder why we are so tired? We all need to slow down or life will take us down. Often we want to just throw our hands up and say, "I quit."

Never ever give up. No one can force an answer out of you. You are allowed to pause or say," let me think on it".  Take time. We are such an immediate gratification society. In the waiting or thinking about a topic or suggestion, when we do to not respond right away, we may find more answers which can eliminate regret or letting someone down later. I know so many people who over commit themselves and complain later. It is like we get on over drive and do not know where we are headed.

We have to create our own comfortable balance and fit it into our own priorities while remaining aligned. This is important because if you do not allow balance in your family, spiritual life, marriage, they can all get pushed in the wrong directions. This can manifest itself as in becoming a workaholic and seeing your family breakdown. It can strain relationships. It may even lead to a divorce. It has happened in my life as well.. My ex husband was all about the dollar. We made so many moves and followed the job. It created much chaos in my life as the stay at home mom with children. We never put roots down.This is only one example.

Do not give up. Compromise. Take time to think. Find different proactive solutions where all needs are met. Or reject it completely, if it is interfering with more important aspects of your life. If we walk though life on auto pilot, we will never make wise decisions. This is why it is so important to make time for yourself. Give yourself the gift of down time. People have this need as society dictates to us be super mom, super employee, social hostess etc. Then your are not only to be that, you need to be in shape, have hobbies, be a present parent and not allowed be exhausted.  We wear too many hats! How do we pull all of this off? How can we be really good with all of these responsibilities? We cannot.

Allow yourself time to think and do not give up. But at the same time examine and do not rush and over extend yourself. That way, you can be a better employee, spouse, parent whatever your roles are in your life .We all need down time. Usually, if someone is pressuring you for an immediate answer, they themselves are on auto pilot or they are either trying to take advantage of your already exhausted self. They too are trying to get their own needs met immediately. Do not ever give into pressure. But more importantly, do not ever give up on yourself.:) Keep all doors of opportunity open. Just evaluate carefully.



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Innocence Can Sometimes Be Broken-”The Magic City” By: R. Malcom Jones


Every now and then you come across a film that you know will touch the hearts of many. This film is about innocence lost by necessity. It is powerful and encouraging story  as to what you can face when you have to. It is about secrets to protect. All of which we all have faced for our survival at times. There is a quote from this film that hit me like a ton of bricks. That quote being, “No matter how dark the moment, love and hope are always possible”. That resonated with me on such a deep level as most of you may understand during my near death auto accident and all throughout my recovery and to date. Please read about Malcom Jones and his project/film, “The Magic City”

Born to traditional Jamaican parents, R. Malcolm Jones was not initially encouraged to pursue a career in filmmaking.  Instead, he was told to focus on less artistic pursuits such as business and accounting.  But, as a child, he spent many an afternoon creating his first music videos with the use of two VCRs and a boom box.  Raised by a mother who juggled two jobs while keeping up with his schooling and extracurricular activities, he excelled in the arts, especially poetry, early on in school.  Further showcasing his talent in the arts and entertainment world, he once even planned, promoted, and successfully executed a Tupac Shakur concert.  At the tender age of 19 and still an unknown, successful endeavors such as this proved that he had what it took to make it in the entertainment industry.

This was only the beginning of what Malcolm was destined to accomplish.  The work that he put in and the impression he made upon one of his college professors helped land him a full scholarship to the University of Miami.  It was there that he decided to pursue a career in film.  He worked tirelessly to secure his place in the industry he aspired to conquer, taking extra classes during breaks and doing a great deal of outside research.  He was granted the prestigious Eastman Kodak Scholarship during his sophomore year, an honor that few undergraduates receive.  This, along with other honors, including the Merrit Scholarship, gave him the boost that he needed to soldier on.  At graduation, he was approached by legendary music producer Quincy Jones who encouraged him to continue his film career.

From there he has gone on to direct music videos.  He has worked with artists such as Nas, Avril Lavigne, Pharrell Williams, T.I., The Game, R. Kelly, Fat Joe, Jermaine Dupri, Lil’ Wayne, Diddy, Clipse, Rick Ross, Lil’ Mama, Paul Wall, Pitbull, Trick Daddy, Birdman, Yummy Bingham, Slim Thug, Jadakiss, Eightball and MJG, and T-Pain. His most recent works include “Sexy Can I” by Ray J., “Shawty Get Loose” by Lil’ Mama featuring Chris Brown and T-Pain, “My Drink N My 2 Step” by Cassidy featuring Swizz Beats, “Crying Out For Me” by Mario, “Hairbraider” by R. Kelly, and Lil’ Mama’s dramatic short film-like video, “L.I.F.E.”  But it doesn’t stop there!  Malcolm has been filming his first feature film “The Magic City.”  It doesn’t take a very strong lens to see that R. Malcolm Jones will continue to conquer uncharted territory and accomplish inspiring feats that even he can only dare to dream possible.

R.Malcolm Jones to Screen His Film “The Magic City” at 22nd Annual Pan African Film Festival

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Miami, Florida February 3, 2014 – Award winning Director R.Malcolm Jones has been slated to screen The Magic City at the 22nd Annual Pan African Film Festival in Los Angles on February 12,13th and 16th.

“The Magic City”, written and directed by R.Malcolm Jones is motion picture based on hope and resilience played out in an atmosphere of unforgiving and sometimes insurmountable tragedies. Characters Tiana, Nia and Amiya initially adversaries find a lifelong friendship thorough hope and adversity in one of Miami’s gritty and unforgiving neighborhoods, Liberty City. The film is Executive Produced by Miami Heat player Udonis Haslem and is Co- Executive produced by music executive, Vincent Herbert. The film won awards for “Best Actor” and “Best Actress” at the 2013 Bronze Lens Film Festival of Atlanta.


“The Magic City” stars Jenifer Lewis – Black Reel Award winner, Annie Award nominee and two times Image Award nominee, Keith David-two time Emmy Award winner, two times Daytime Emmy Award Nominee and Annie Award nominee, Jamie Hector- 2011 Black Reel Award nominee, breakout character in HBO’s The Wire and introducing Latrice Jackson, LaShay Jackson ,Amiya Thomas,Coi Collins and Taj Collins. Amiyah Thomas has been nominated by the American Black Film Festival (ABFF) for Best Actor in this film.

Director, R.Malcolm Jones, also owner of New Revolution Studios, is a graduate of the University of Miami and best known as a music video director with over 100 credits.He as been nominated by both MTV and BET for Best Music Video Director. His music video credits include R.Kelly, Flo-rida, Avril Lavgine,Chris Brown, T-Pain, Fat Joe, Mario, Ray J and Jordan Sparks. Jones has also directed commercials for HBO, BET and CMT. R.Malcolm Jones has made personal appearance as a guest on BET’s Top 25 Countdown and was a featured director for Vh1’s Hogan Knows Best, MTV’s Making The Video and BET’s All Access Granted.


The Magic City will screen at the Rave Cinemas 15 Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Plaza, 90008 Los Angles California on Wednesday February 12th at 3:20 pm and Thursday February, 13th at 7:50pm. The film’s final screening will be Sunday February 16th at 7:10pm. For more information about R.Malcolm Jones or his participation at the 22nd Annual Pan African Film Festival, please contact Lisa Jackson, Publicist at

 Watch :The Magic City Official Trailer
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